Design Architecture Investment supervision
Project execution Administration

Our team will provide all that you need to start and complete your investment in Costa Rica:

Find best locations for your investment
Design architecture and final details of your project
Get your permits
Set budget and hire best contractors
Administrate and supervise works



Architect and designer. Member of Royal Institute of British Architects [RIBA]. Founder of Casa Urbana Ltd.
and awarded 2kul Interior Design Ltd.
I would like to know you. I recognize your needs and create space that fits you like a well-tailored suit. In my portfolio there is no other place like yours, because it is inspired by you and feels good.
I am with you at every step of the project and its execution. My design is complete. It includes architecture, interior design and furnitures. My commitment  and my presence on the site guarantee that our design will become reality.
Since 2012 I am working on Projects in Costa Rica. I have experienced the local way and attitude towards construction on my own skin, so different from the one I have practiced with success in Europe for years.

When you trust me, there is nothing
more important for me.

I want that you enjoy Pura Vida and make your new home in that beautiful, paradise country. 
That’s why I’ve created CASAURBANA – Your safe home in Costa Rica. 

CASAURBANA is carefully selected group of professionals that will work on your project:
architects, designers, engineers, constructors, realtors, administration and video teams.

When you trust us, there is nothing
more important for us.